Current Settings

  • Spigot 1.16.1


The world will be split into different nations. A player will be picked to be in charge of said nation. There will have to be rules per nation and the leader can lead it as they see fit. You cannot attack your own citizens but you can attack other citizens.

Pricing Tiers - wip

  1. Free

    1. Access to Widowcraft server public areas and those of your nation

    2. Open 1 vending machine

    3. Have 1 plot of land

  2. 5/month

    1. All the above

    2. up to 3 vending machines

    3. Monthly gift

    4. up to 2 plots of land

  3. 10/month

    1. All the above

    2. up to 5 vending machines

    3. up to 3 plots of land

  4. 20/month

    1. All the above

    2. Can purchase up to 10 plots of land

    3. Can have up to 10 vending machines

    4. 2 Monthly gifts

Obtaining Access