Rainbow Six: Siege


While the team has minimal comp experience as a whole, they have been determined to be the team that wins games and has good sportsmanship. We are a North American Tier 3 team with members in the US, Mexico, and Canada.


Chase "Loki" Stuart is a Marine Corps veteran and the General Manager for Widow Clan's Rainbow Six team. He met Red and Brown during the 2019 US Nationals where him and Red were on stage as part of the US Marines team.


Second in Command to Red in the Org, Brown grew up with Red (cousins) and has become a pivotal part of the community. He has unmatched skill when it comes to getting some of the most idiotic kills. He is also the Community Manager for the Widow Clan Esports Community discord.


Blooberry.more is the IGL for the team. He came to Widow Clan after he met the rest of the team from mutual friends in a different Org. He brings in a competitive edge with his previous comp and IGL experience.


Azarea is the player with the least amount of Comp experience but brings in great gun skills and communication. His skill has risen substantially since officially joining the R6 team. He is also a Navy Officer recruiter.


Another family member of Red and Brown, Green carries on the legacy of the original GreenW1dow, who was killed in a hit-and-run. He brings in the most insane kills, the nuttiest clutches, and the dirtiest tricks.